south to north: my travels up the mississippi
a list.

so. this was week…three maybe? living in minneapolis has been incredible. here are the top 5 things about it. ready? good.

1. my roomie
2. cresent moon
3. the minneapolis public library
4. the stone arch bridge
5. a certain lamp/record stand como house warming gift

there’s so much more. BUT since i need to get ready to meet a friend for coffee at 7am, i should probably get going. and for all those who are wondering, i found mary tyler moore. i wasnt too impressed :)

what a hipster…

so. i read this last night while sitting in Caribou, sipping on some hot apple cider. i laughed a little, nodded my head a little, and then got a little upset. so, i thought i would share it with you. enjoy and let me know what you think. it’s all quite interesting…:)

day 1.

i’m heading to memphis today. i love memphis. it’s like the capitol of the south. and it has soul…literally. the King even lived there. how legit.

i wish i could say that i was sad to leave mississippi. that i have shed plenty of tears and that i am going to miss everything about the south. but the truth is, i’m really excited! i love the adventure, the unknowns. this is going to be good.

here’s a short list of the music i’m pumped to listen to during my travels:
1. mumford & sons: sigh no more
2. hillsong united: tear the the walls:across the earth
3. three mixed cds given to me by joseph
4. my morning jacket: tennessee fire
5. the civil wars:live at eddies attic
6. elizabethtown soundtrack

okay. that’s it for now. update tomorrow? if you’re lucky :)

p.s. my aunt gave me a years supply of country bacon grits. yum.

closing in…

so, my time here in the deep south is coming to a close. i always thought i would feel different when it came time to leave. i thought i would feel ready. excited. THRILLED! i thought i would be willing to leave and never look back, never hesitate. but now, as sunday afternoon gets closer and closer, i realize that maybe i am not as ready as i once thought. i do not want to say goodbye to my friends and my family. i do not really want to say goodbye to jackson. but, i know it’s time. i know this is what i’m supposed to do, where i’m supposed to go. staying here would be like missing out on the biggest adventure of my life up to this point…why on earth would i not leave?!

despite all of the hesitations, i am looking forward to a new chapter in my life. for about a year now i have felt that my time in the south was coming to a close, that life change awaited just around the bend, and now it’s here! i hope this change brings with it refreshing, renewed creativity, excitement. i think i’ve been stagnant for too long. i think i’ve been way too comfortable. 

i have had some great times with friends lately: sitting around tables eating and talking for hours, drinking coffee, going on mini-adventures…i’m taking advantage of the time i have left. i’m soaking it all in…it has been good for sure. i think this weekend i’m going to take my 35mm out and take some photos of downtown…i’m actually going to miss it…

okay. here’s to a beautiful august wednesday and here’s to new chapters! life is pretty amazing, huh?

so it begins…

i leave in eight days to begin my new life in the north. dear minnesota, i  hope you eagerly await my arrival into your beautiful arms. i eagerly anticipate embracing you…

i’m looking forward to newness: new friends, new school, new community, new cities. it will all be incredibly beautiful. 

so, here’s the route i’m going to be taking…well, first, lets discuss the fact that i’ve gotten rid of half of my belongings and i’m only taking what fits in my little altima i’ve so graciously named norah. NOW let’s discuss the fact that i’m traveling solo, up the mississippi river. did you know that it connects minnesota with mississippi? perfect. it’s like the artery of the united states…the mighty river…the muddy waters…i find it quite beautiful. i’ll start in jackson, shoot up i-55 to memphis, stay with friends, get back on the road, head up to hannibal, mo (stay with a friend)…then it’s the final stretch:straight up through iowa. i’ve never been to iowa…the land of corn and 4-h. it’s going to be glorious. i cant wait to see that minneapolis skyline. it’s probably the prettiest one i’ve seen…

okay. that’s it for now. i’ll keep you, my future loyal readers, posted on what happens. get ready for amazingness. :)